Donations and contributions

Positive Money New Zealand receives no funding and relies on donations from supporters and contributions of goods and services at reduced or no cost. We intend to increase our profile and we need your help to get the message across.


Donations can be made through internet banking to our Kiwibank account number 38-9023-0211047-00. If you would like an acknowledgement either put your email details on the “On their statement (optional)” part of the transfer, or send us an email at

While donations will not be acknowledged publicly, we do need to know the names of donors who provide in excess of $1,000 in any one lump sum. Receipts will not be issued unless requested.


Contributions of goods and services will also be gratefully received. In the past graphic designers have given their expertise to design and print fliers free of charge and any printing or promotion activities will be gratefully received.

Other ways of supporting us

Go to our What You Can Do page for a list of actions you can take to help us get the message across.


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Help us to achieve real change in our money system and make sure that it works for the public good not just for private profits.

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