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Submission in support of our Covid-19 funding petition

Submission in support of our Covid-19 funding petition

The Positive Money team has followed up our parliamentary petition with a submission to Parliament. Positive Money launched its petition to offer an alternative to the emergency Covid-19 financing mechanism known as quantitative easing (QE) or ‘Large Scale Asset...

Large scale squandering by the Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank is embarking on a scheme that will squander $28 billion, according to Don Richards, the National Spokesperson for Positive Money New Zealand (PMNZ).  Through its so-called Funding for Lending programme, the Reserve Bank will provide $28 billion...

There is a free lunch, Minister

There is a free lunch, Minister

In an extraordinary exchange during a recent press conference our Finance Minister, when asked why the Reserve Bank does not write off the Covid19 debt, said “it isn’t the way we manage monetary and fiscal policy”.  He did not say that it is not technically...

The budget snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

The budget snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

Press release 21 May 2020 After doing so well managing the pandemic the Government has said it will borrow the $50 billion it needs for the Covid-19 package. It could however instruct the Reserve Bank to issue the money directly, cutting out the lenders as it did...

About the Positive Money presentation to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee

We show the clip of our presentation in March of this year to the select committee, take questions, and ask meeting participants to help us identify practical strategies to communicate the Positive Money solution to the public and key...

Video: Covid-19: How Will We Pay for It? | Positive Money NZ

Positive Money NZ national spokesman Don Richards and Auckland spokesperson Cliff Hall hosted a Zoom meeting with Positive Money members to discuss how New Zealand can pay for the Covid-19 response and recovery. Hint: it’s not debt and it’s not taxes. Recorded Sunday...

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