VIDEO: Positive Money’s Parliamentary Select Committee presentation (12:32)

Positive Money national spokesperson Don Richards and Auckland spokesperson Cliff Hall appear before the Finance & Expenditure Select Committee to speak in support of our petition., 4 March 2020.

Dr Geoff Bertram: How do we pay for Covid-19?

A refreshing perspective on how we should manage our public finances. Includes information on the Reserve Bank’s government bond-buying (QE - Quantitative Easing) and argues in favour of direct monetary financing of Government spending....

The Waterworks of Money – a metaphorical representation of our money system

This metaphorical representation of our money system looks at how new money is created, where our pension savings end up, and discovers how this system is boosting inequality in various ways.

Budget 2023 another missed opportunity

Budget 2023 another missed opportunity

Our 2023 “no frills” or “no thrills” budget is yet another missed opportunity that will consign the country to more debt. Few can argue against the need to fund infrastructure and resilience ($6 billion) and public housing ($3 billion) but the downside is that other...

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