VIDEO: Positive Money’s Parliamentary Select Committee presentation (12:32)

Positive Money national spokesperson Don Richards and Auckland spokesperson Cliff Hall appear before the Finance & Expenditure Select Committee to speak in support of our petition., 4 March 2020.

Dr Geoff Bertram: How do we pay for Covid-19?

A refreshing perspective on how we should manage our public finances. Includes information on the Reserve Bank’s government bond-buying (QE - Quantitative Easing) and argues in favour of direct monetary financing of Government spending....

Open Letter to Parliament Petitions Committee: Followup to Our Petition

Our submission to the Three Waters Bill

Oral submission to the Water Services Entities Bill on Friday the 19 August 2022 Good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to provide this oral submission.  My name is Don Richards and I am the National Spokesperson for Positive Money New Zealand, a...

Capitulation to banks by the Reserve Bank and Government

When and how to print money

Money creation by the Reserve Bank has been rightly blamed for contributing to our high inflation rate, but this is because the money has gone to the wrong sector of our economy. Through quantitative easing (also known as Large Scale Asset Purchases or LSAP) the...

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