What you can do

  • Become an active member of our campaign. Email us at info@positivemoney.org.nz – with “I want to help” in the subject line
  • Sign up to receive our newsletters.
  • Join Positive Money
  • Donate to our campaign
  • Share the 7 Sharp clip on how banks create money out of thin air (7 minutes)
  • Share the record of the Parliamentary debate from 1936 (DOCX or PDF format), where the first Labour Government passed legislation to enable our Reserve Bank to create money to fund the building of thousands of state houses
  • Share the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Working Paper titled The Chicago Plan Revisited. It endorses a very similar approach to ours. We suggest you read only the first 20 pages.
  • Share the Bank of England’s 14-page paper titled Money creation in the modern economy. It describes how the majority of the money in the modern economy is created by commercial banks making loans
  • Share Banking vs Democracy, a UK paper on how power shifted from parliament to the banking sector
  • Share Sovereign Money: an introduction with a detailed explanation of a Positive Money solution
  • Like us and follow us on Facebook
  • Organise a meeting with your MP. The parliamentary website will have the details of your local MP and contact us for our tip sheet for meeting with parliamentarians has a suggested format and content.
  • Circulate the Positive Money NZ flier (contact us for a copy)
  • Email us to have us talk to your friends, community groups or organisations.
  • Move the money in your bank accounts from the Australian-owned banks to New Zealand-owned banks: Kiwibank, Taranaki Savings Bank, The Co-operative Bank, The SBS Bank or Credit Unions. Encourage your workplace, society, organisation or group to do so as well.
  • Share the cover page and commentary from New Zealand Investor that commented on the practice
  • Direct friends overseas to the International Movement for Monetary Reform to find the group closest to them. Positive Money New Zealand is part of a global campaign to reform the monetary system.
  • Let us know on info@positivemoney.org.nz of like-minded people or organisations campaigning for similar outcomes.

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