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Positive Money believes in a financial system that supports a fair, productive, sustainable economy and planet. We don’t have that, but we can fix it.

Here’s what we need to do

So many of our biggest problems are caused or made worse by the way our financial system works — unaffordable housing, lack of investment, high levels of personal and household debt, and rising inequality, to name a few.

We can’t fix these problems without tackling the common cause running through them: our deeply-flawed approach to banking and money that is no longer fit for purpose.

The poor service and bloated profits of our biggest banks are emblems of it. Instead of being enablers of economic and social wellbeing, they have become a dead weight.

The answer is to make changes on three interconnected fronts.

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Banking reform

Four decades ago there was a banking revolution in New Zealand. Today we live with its results and in too many ways it has fallen short. But we can change banks so they deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes.

We can make banks better for savers, borrowers and the economy.

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Better public finance

We need more public investment and a better balance between public money and private money. This profoundly impacts how the economy operates, money circulates, and who benefits. It needs new thinking and a new approach.

Smarter ways to finance the government can boost the economy, and get money where it’s needed.

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Technology for public good

A quiet revolution is underway as technology transforms not just banking but money itself. We need to ensure this change benefits everyone, not just a few, and that New Zealand’s monetary sovereignty is not put at risk.

With careful direction, we can get the best from new technologies while avoiding their worst effects.

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Help us to change this flawed system. Positive Money NZ is an independent, non-profit group. For more than a decade, we have advocated for a fairer, more productive monetary system that benefits everyone, not just a few. Our patron is Bryan Gould and we are part of a global movement of organisations campaigning to change money and banking so they serve society better.

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